[ MIRRORS-The Reflected Self ] Museum Rietberg Zurich, Switzerland MAY 16-SEP 22 2019

[ MIRRORS-The Reflected Self ]

Museum Rietberg Zurich, Switzerland
MAY 16-SEP 22 2019

This is the first time that an exhibition takes a global look at the cultural history of the mirror, stretching back thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, among the Maya of Mexico, in Japan, in Venice as well as in the world of modern art and movies−over the ages civilizations across the globe have produced and relied on mirrors, and ascribed to them varying meanings and powers. Based on 200 artworks from 95 museums and collections around the world, photographs and scenes from movies, this exhibition, for the first time, presents a comprehensive history of the mirror reaching back eight thousand years: mirror images and self-awareness, vanity, beauty, mysticism and magic, protection and defence, and today’s most fashionable mirror−the selfie.

This specially curated showcase has been co-conceived by ChristinMüller who has made a selection comprising pioneering works by Claude Cahun, Germaine Krull and Cindy Sherman amongst others. 5 works by Tokyo Rumando from her Orphée series (the original film by Cocteau will in fact also screen in the exhibit. . [Orphee 2014 series 00core+D1-D4] Courtesy by Artist and IBASHO Gallery

This photo shows an area of the exhibition with photos only of female photographers from the 1920s to the present day who have portrayed themselves. It is carefully staged self-reflection in the change between the eye of the photographer, the reflection in the mirror and the eye of the camera. The works of Florence Henri, Amalia Ulman, Claude Cahun, Helga Paris, Vivian Maier, Nan Goldin, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Nadia Mournier, Cindy Sherman, Zanele Muholi, Hannah Villiger, Marianne Brandt, Tokyo Rumando and Francesca Woodman provide insights into the studios the photographers, in their artistic practice, in the everyday life of family and work to the spheres of feelings, the inner life.

Orphee もこの展覧会で2014年から15箇所以上の海を渡った色々な国で展覧会やArtFairに参加することが事が出来て幸せになれたと思います。